Building Surveys and Inspections

Find problems quickly and safely with drone-based building surveys and inspections


Building Surveys and Inspections

Let us come and inspect the roof of your property or commercial premises using our drones that are equipped with high quality cameras. There’s no need to hire and wait for scaffolding or cherry pickers. For building surveys and inspections, we can turn up and fly.

Our drone operators will check for the following:

  • Missing, broken or cracked roof tiles

  • Blocked or damaged guttering, downpipes or gullys

  • Damaged chimney pots or crumbling flaunching

  • Build up of moss or other debris

  • Other areas of potential concern

We aim to provide a quick turn around service, giving you prompt access to the hi-res images and video taken during the inspection. All media can be downloaded securely, or provided on a USB drive if required. Read the section on benefits below for further information or use our contact form to get in touch.


Roof Inspection Services

For more information on our building survey and inspections service, watch our short video to the right. Click the red play button in the middle of the video to start it playing.

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Service Details

Benefits of drone surveys and inspections

Using drones for building surveys and inspections brings many benefits. From accessing areas that would otherwise be unreachable, to covering large areas quickly and efficiently.

As well as being faster, drones are a much safer alternative to getting people up on roofs. By reducing the need for the equipment used for working at height, including ladders, cherry pickers and scaffolding, the overall cost comes down.

Save money by locating potential problem areas before they get any worse. Find issues sooner with regular inspections and avoid costly repairs with preventative maintenance.

On-board cameras capture high-resolution photographs and video, giving clear and detailed results. Easily check to see if problem areas are worsening by comparing with previous inspections.

Cover large areas quickly and efficiently

Access difficult to reach areas

Capturing hi-res photographs and video

Find problem areas before they get any worse

Save money


Sample Inspection Images

Close up of ridge tiles taken during roof inspection.
Roof and chimney of derelict house.
Church tower building inspection.
Chimney pots and damaged flaunching found during building inspection.
Chimney with broken crown cap found during building survey and inspection.

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