3D Modelling & Digital Twins

Using drone imaging to model reality


3D Modelling & Digital Twins

Digital twins are created to be an accurate representation of our physical world. They allow us to better understand and interpret that which surrounds us. A Digital Twin ranges in size from a small machine part up to a large tract of land and has uses across many different sectors. Including architectural design, archaeology, engineering, insurance, property sales and more.

At Fox Volant we specialise in capturing data from the air with drones to construct our digital twins. The models can then be viewed directly or imported into other applications for further manipulation or enhancement.

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Point Cloud

In a point cloud, each dot represents a unique point on the surface of the model. This image shows a section of the point cloud taken from our example model below. Click on the arrows to show the mesh and textured mesh models.

Mesh Model

The addition of edges (lines) gives us our mesh model. These lines make up millions of shapes called polygons, which give the model structure. We still need to apply a texture to bring the model to life though.

Textured Mesh

Using textures generated from the aerial photographs, these can then be overlaid upon the 3D mesh model. The opaque texture not only improves the model’s realism but gives it more structure. The model can now interact with light and shadow.


Viewing Digital Twins online

Share digital twins quickly with your customers by viewing them in a web browser. The original model of the house shown here contained over 10 million polygons, but it’s been simplified to 2 million making it quick to load and fast to navigate.

Click on the play button in the centre of the image to load the model. Once loaded you can zoom in or out and freely navigate around the model. If you have a VR headset you can browse to this page and click the ‘View in VR’ button to move around the house in virtual reality.

As well as viewing in a web browser, we deliver your digital twin models in a variety of formats for import into your own software. Check out our delivery section for more information.

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3D Textured Mesh Models

Mesh models consist of interconnected polygons that define the surface of an object. Increasing the number of polygons will increase the level of detail, making for a more accurate model.

Models also store texture information, allowing for more realistic rendering when the textures are applied to the surface. Common applications for mesh models include video games as well as in architecture and construction.

Constructed from millions of polygons

Enhance with photo-realistic textures

Easily import into other applications

Can be viewed in a web browser or VR

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Point Clouds

Each point cloud is made from millions of individual pieces of data, each representing a unique point in space. Taken together these points accurately represent the surface of a complex three-dimensional object, such as a car, house or clifftop.

The applications for point clouds are varied, ranging from architecture and construction through to the collection of geographical data. Check out our blog post on point clouds to get a better understanding of how they are generated and the applications they can be used for.

Each piece of data is a unique point in space

Representing the surface of complex 3D objects

Points can have colour to aid visualisation

Import into CAD or BIM systems


Digital Twins Case Studies

The images below are Digital Twin models that have been created by Fox Volant. These include fly-by animations and 3D models for viewing in the browser or in Virtual Reality. For more information on these and our other digital twin projects, please use our contact form to get in touch.

More examples of our work can be found on the Fox Volant Sketchfab page.


3D Render of derelict house in Blender
A digital twin of a detached house.
3D model of a metal barn generated by photogrammetry,

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Point clouds and mesh models are available in a wide range of formats. For textured mesh models, these include common formats such as Wavefront (*.obj) and Polygon File Format (*.ply). Point cloud formats that we offer include XYZ Point Cloud (*.xyz) and LAS Point Cloud (*.las).

Models can also be scaled and simplified to suit your requirements. This includes the cropping of any unwanted areas and reducing the total number of polygons.

Video animations of your model, such as walk-throughs or fly-bys, can be made for upload to video sharing sites or social media channels. Snapshot images, created for use in brochures or websites, can have logos or text added if required.

Wide range of formats, including .obj and .las

Scale and simplify models as required

Creation of walk-through video animations

Adding text and/or logos

Securely download in a file format of your choice

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