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We provide a wide range of drone services, including photography, surveys and modelling across a variety of sectors.


Drone Services from Fox Volant

Click through each of our services listed below to find out more information. To discuss your requirements give us a call on 01353 655762 or use the contact form below to get in touch. We are always happy to provide a free quote with no obligation.

Aerial Photography

Enhance your next project with the addition of stunning aerial photographs. Our experienced aerial photographers are qualified drone pilots with an eye for detail.

Building Surveys & Inspections

Save time and money with a drone inspection. Using drones for roof inspections increases safety with no need for heavy machinery or scaffolding.

Terrain Surveys & Mapping

Survey large areas of land quickly and with minimal disruption. Generate accurate maps and models with ease. Perfect for agricultural land or large estates.

Operator Hire

Hire a trained, qualified, and experienced drone pilot for your next project. Our pilots have completed their A2 C of C and GVC qualifications and have many logged flying hours under their belts.

3D Modelling & Digital Twins

Using data gathered by drone to generate accurate 3D models, sometimes called digital twins, of your assets. We also produce point clouds for use in BIM or CAD applications.

Volumetric Surveys

We use drones to calculate the volume of stockpiles, earthworks or extracted materials accurately. This helps increases speed, safety and accuracy of the work.

A drone ready to provide services sitting on a landing pad.
Aerial photograph taken during a drone inspection service that shows chimney pots needing repair.
Point cloud representation of a house.
An aerial photograph of a windmill taken with a drone.
A 3D model of a metal barn created from images taken with a drone as part of a survey.

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