Fox Volant are now on Drone Safe Register

Fox Volant are now on Drone Safe Register

We are delighted to now be Gold Certified members of Drone Safe Register – the UK’s trusted network of trained, safe & insured professional drone pilots.

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Who are Drone Safe Register?

Drone Safe Register (DSR) began in 2015, when owner and drone enthusiast, Mark Boyt saw a need in the UK drone industry. A platform where qualified drone pilots can come together to record the services they offer and how to contact them.

When individuals and businesses need remote aerial work undertaking, going to DSR ensures contact with safe, qualified pilots. Not only is DSR committed to providing a network of and for pilots, but also to educating the public. Helping to make them aware of the importance of hiring legal, qualified drone operators.

Why join Drone Safe Register?

The ‘Gold Certificate’ membership is currently the highest tier and requires operators to provide proof of Operational Authorisation from the CAA. Insurance cover to fly commercially, and pilot’s qualifications must also be provided.

These are all legal requirements to fly drones commercially in the UK. Unfortunately, either through lack of awareness of current regulations or willingness to disregard them, it is not always guaranteed that a pilot is legal, safe, or qualified to fly commercially.

At Fox Volant we take pride in the time, effort and training that has gone into achieving our Operational Authorisation. Having the opportunity to be showcased alongside other drone companies and pilots across the UK means a lot to us.

Finding a Drone Pilot

If you are looking for a drone pilot for your aerial photography, inspection or surveying needs we’d be delighted to help. But we’re confident that you can be assured any pilot you contact from DSR will also be safe and legal. Wherever in the UK you happen to be, DSR will help you find nearby pilots with the necessary skills and qualifications.

View our profile on Drone Safe Register for more information or use our contact form to get in touch.