Our latest purchase arrived earlier this week, an Emlid Reach RS2+, bought from Heliguy here in the UK, which we will be using as our new RTK GNSS base station out in the field.

RTK stands for Real Time Kinematics. It is one mechanism available for increasing the accuracy of the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) used by drones. The other mechanism is Post Processed Kinematic (PPK). Putting it simply, GNSS systems such as GPS just aren’t accurate enough on their own when doing aerial survey work. Hence, we need to correct them, either in real-time or after the event.

Why did we go for the RS2+?

It was a toss-up between that and the DJI D-RTK-2. Reading around comes up with favourable reviews for them both. The DJI has the obvious benefit of easy set-up and configuration when used with DJI’s RTK-equipped drones. However, the versatility of the RS2+ alongside the excellent documentation, support and community that Emlid have built up swung it in their favour.

How will we use it?

Initially, we’ll be using the RS2+ as a local NTRIP server on-site for our RTK-equipped drones. This will provide real-time positioning updates for greater accuracy. Looking to the future, we fully intend to make use of its extra features in the coming months, not least the onboard LoRa radio.

The only issue we had during setup was getting it to start up in hotspot mode. Luckily, we quickly realised why this was. The RS2+ was still connecting to our office WiFi network, even though we’d gone outside and away from the building! Once we got it to forget the network, everything worked perfectly.

We hope you found this post useful and we would love to hear about your experiences using the Reach RS2+ or other Emlid products. Follow our social media feeds for more UAV content. We’re always happy to chat about any projects you have coming up with no obligations. Give us a call on 01353 655762 or email us at contact@foxvolant.com