Drone Inspection Services

Close up view of church towerRegular checking of your physical assets, whether it’s a roof, cell tower, bridge or solar farm, can provide peace of mind that things are as they should be. Alternatively, they may give an early warning of a problem about to occur. Our drone inspection service can help avoid costly repairs in the future, with preventative maintenance today.

Using drones reduces the need for the equipment used for working at height, such as ladders, scaffolding and cherry pickers. This helps to reduce the overall cost, not just of the equipment required, but of costly personnel and any liability insurance. This in turn means you can inspect more frequently and therefore find issues sooner, resulting in further savings.

Aerial shot of chimney pots needing repair.Another benefit of using drones is their ability to cover large areas quickly and get into places otherwise inaccessible. Whilst there, they capture high resolution images and video that can be analysed from the safety of the ground. Comparing with results from previous inspections shows changes over time, giving a better idea when work will be required.

After the inspection has been completed, our digital team will securely send you the high-resolution images and videos. You can then share these with your maintenance team or provide to third-party contractors. They then focus on the areas needing attention now, making a note of any areas to keep an eye on.

We will also generate three-dimensional digital models of your asset, sometimes called a digital twin. These can be easily viewed in a web browser, or downloaded for use in modelling software such as CAD or BIM.

For more information on our drone inspection services, use our contact form to get in touch with us.


3D Model of House