Agricultural Drone Services

Farmers across the globe are increasingly seeing the benefits that drone agricultural services can bring. Their bird’s-eye view of farms and crops help decrease costs whilst improving yields across the agricultural industry, particularly in arable farming.

Drone sitting on a landing pad next to field.

Uses for Agricultural Drones

Drones are becoming an invaluable tool for the 21st-century farmer. From providing a quick assessment of the current state of a crop after a storm; to scouting for areas of poor growth or weed invasion. Other uses include;

  • Creating orthomosaics and contour maps of bare fields to view and record boundaries, obstacles and drainage requirements.
  • Taking accurate stand counts to ensure seedlings grow as expected and help detect potential issues early.
  • Generating Vegetation Index maps to monitor crop health and development and provide near real-time observations to guide the precise use of agrochemicals.
OrthomosaicDigital Surface Model

What are Vegetation Index Maps?

Vegetation Indices have been used in agriculture since the early 1970s. More recently, the availability of lightweight drones with multispectral cameras means that VI Maps are tools now available to everyone.

Healthy plants reflect light differently from those that are diseased or needing water. Red Edge and Near-Infrared light wavelengths can detect these variations which otherwise cannot be seen by the human eye.

Multispectral cameras mounted on drones can capture these light variations that can then be used with different equations to generate the colour-coded index maps.


Using Vegetation Index Maps

Farmers and agronomists can use Vegetation Index (VI) maps to monitor crop health and development. Furthermore, they also guide the targeted application of water, fertiliser or other agrochemicals. This targeted application saves time and money, with the potential to reduce the harm done to the environment.

For further information we’d highly recommend reading vegetation indices are and how they are used on the GEO Awesome website

Drone flying over a field of wheat.Why hire Fox Volant? 

Our Agricultural Drone Services provide these benefits whilst removing the up-front costs of purchasing and maintaining drones yourself. We also take care of all insurance, software licensing, and pilot training.

Afterwards, we will quickly process the gathered data and then send the results on to you. This means you will be able to make near real-time decisions for your crops. With repeated flights, you can track each field across the growing season and from year to year. In addition, you will have the data to determine what works best for your farm – helping to streamline your processes and increase your productivity.

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